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Low temperature, high pressure and large diameter three-way pipe fittings fill the domestic gap



On April 28th, the Pipeline Design Institute and Tsinghua University successfully completed the low-temperature environment (-45℃) D1422×1219 X80 three-way hydraulic blasting test and stress test at Bohai Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Qingxian County, Hebei Province, marking China’s low temperature The successful development of, high pressure and large diameter (D1422) tee is another major breakthrough in the field of this type of pipe fittings in China. The product will be used in the construction of the Sino-Russian East Route natural gas pipeline project, laying the foundation for the future pipeline construction in cold regions of my country. This article is reprinted and released by Shanghai Wuyue Ball Valve Company; Shanghai Wuyue is a professional ball valve manufacturer, mainly producing fully welded ball valves, forged steel ball valves, cast steel ball valves, fixed ball valves, floating ball valves, three-way ball valves, eccentric half ball valves, V-shaped regulating ball valves, Metal seat ball valve, double ball valve, etc.

The Sino-Russian Eastern Route (Black-Long Section) pipeline passes through cold regions such as Heilongjiang Province and Jilin Province along the way, with an extreme minimum temperature of -48.1℃. Due to the cold and long winter, if the pipes in the station adopt heat preservation measures, not only the energy consumption is high, but also the inspection and maintenance workload is large. Therefore, the non-insulation heat tracing technical solution is adopted, and the design temperature of the pipe fittings for the station yard reaches -45℃. At present, domestic pipe fittings (three links) products cannot cover -45°C, which cannot meet the construction needs of the Sino-Russian Eastern Route, and there is no precedent for successful application of foreign X80 pipe fittings at this design temperature. In 2016, the group company established a research group, and the pipeline design institute joined 5 advantageous units in the system to carry out the joint-stock company subject of "Development of D1422×1219 X80 three links for low-temperature environment (-45℃) in the Sino-Russian East Line Station", and concentrated efforts to carry out D1422×1219 X80 tee product research.

The research results of this subject provide technical support and material support for the smooth implementation of the Sino-Russian East Route natural gas pipeline project, and enhance the group company’s innovative capabilities in the field of low-temperature, high-pressure, and large-diameter pipeline construction.